People of Bhutan

The estimated population of the country is about 720,679.00 with the growth rate of about 3.1% per year. The country is still predominantly rural and about 85% of the people live in villages. More than 90% of population in Bhutan follows Buddhism as there only religion. The people of Bhutan are very warm and friendly. Also increasing number of tourist arrivals in Bhutan every year proves there unmatched hospitality. A large number of Bhutan’s population is engaged in tourism and travel related services.

Three main ethnic groups constitute its population:

Sharchops: live in eastern part of country are recognized as the original inhabitants of Bhutan and is Indo Mongoloid origin.

Ngalops :  are descendants of Tibetan immigrants who arrived in Bhutan from 9th century and settled in the west of country.

Lhotshampas: this Nepalese group began settling in the south of Bhutan in the late 19th century. The Lhotshampa represents different Nepali speaking ethnic groups primarily – Brahman, Chettri, Gurung, Rai and Limbu.