SP Tours & Treks is an inbound Bhutan Travel Specialist based in the kingdom of Bhutan and managed by a committed and dedicated team of professionals who are passionate about their jobs and love nothing more than sharing the precious gift of Bhutan with the world. Our directors have been working in the travel industry since the stone age of tourism in Bhutan, commonly known as the 1990s, and have vast experience in the business. As a team united by our love of Bhutan and common goal of customer satisfaction, we’re proud to say we’ve been in operation for more than a decade, with a growing team of 15 full time guides and 6 freelance guides that come highly recommended.


In Bhutan, there are about 200 tour operators, just like us. What sets us apart are our guides. Guides can make or break your trip to Bhutan. You are with your guide the moment you set your foot in Bhutan, and your guide will be there to wave you goodbye when you leave Bhutan. Besides showing you around, he will be your weather man, your complaint box, you best friend, and your language interpreter. He will order your meals, reconfirm your flight, recheck your hotel bookings and coax you to climb that pass. We cannot stress more on the importance of having a good guide.

All our guides have at least a university degree. Because of their intimate knowledge on Bhutan and their efficiency, we are frequently asked to loan them out to other governmental and private agencies, when they have a need to impress their guests. Our guides have led groups for all the big names in the travel industry, besides giving ambassadors, diplomats and other government guests a good time.







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