Gomphu Kora Tshechu

Gomphu Kora Tshechu in Trashiyangtse is main attraction, nowadays, of its culture of nightlife and commerce that has evolved around the festival. But Gomphu Kora is an important nye (sacred site) where the great Indian tantric saint Guru Rinpoche, who brought Buddhism to Bhutan, is believed to have meditated for three days in a rock cave adjoining the lhakhang.

Guru Rinpoche is believed to have chased the demon all the way from Tibet to Gomphu Kora where it disappeared into a large cave near the lhakhang. The Guru Rinpoche sat in meditation at the entrance of the cave for three days. When the demon emerged from the cave the Guru chased the demon around the cave three times and subdued it. Two giant imprints both of Guru and of the demon, which struggled to free itself, can be seen on the cave.

The Tshechu at Gomphu Kora, which means circumambulation at Gomphu, thrives to this day and comes alive for three nights, once every year, where thousands of people including the Dhakpas from Tawang, India, circumambulate the lhakhang and the cave.The three days festivity is a celebration of life to honour Guru Rinpoche.

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