Trashigang Tshechu

Trashigang district is the largest district in Bhutan. The Trashigang dzong is located on a ridge overlooking the Dangmechu and the Gamrichu, It was built in 1651. It houses monks and is an administrative headquarters of the district.

Like every districts, it also has Tshechu, which is celebrated in the Dzong in the month of December on tenth day of the Bhutanese calendar. The tshechu is celebrated for three days long. The tshechu draws people from a semi-nomadic community of Merak and Sakteng, the Khengpa community, and people from as far as Samdrup Jongkhar, Pema Gatshel and Trashi Yangtse.

On the 7thday, the monks take the thrue or the bath and on the 8th have their rehearsals. On the 9th day, the tshechu begins. On the 10th day is unfurled the thongdrol of Neten Chudrug (Sixteen Arhats) together with different mask dances. On the final day, the old thongdrel of Guru Tshengyed is displayed with Guru Tshengyed Chhams.

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