Religious Tour

Bhutan is the only country in the world that officially practices Mahayana Buddhism or Vajrayana Buddhism. More than a religion, Buddhism is a way of life in Bhutan. Since time immemorial, Buddhism has shaped local beliefs, culture and identity.

Buddhism has been the predominant religion from the 7th century and since then many saints, religious masters, mystics and scholars have visited and blessed Bhutan and its people with invaluable spiritual and cultural heritage that shapes the Bhutanese lives and history. Today, the Buddhist world, considers Bhutan with special importance as the last bastion of Mahayana Buddhism. Hundreds of sacred monasteries, stupas, religious institutions, fluttering prayer flags and prayer wheels which dot the landscapes and countryside are the strong evidence of immense living faith in Buddhism. This tour will enable you to experience the in depth spirituality and profound understanding of Mahayana Buddhism.

This program is designed for individuals, who wish to learn, how Buddhist monks and Lam’s lead their life. Engaging in their day to day activity is an opportunity to gain insights into the life’s of the monks, who has renounced the materialistic aspect of life to follow the spiritual path. While, stays in Monasteries and Temples in Bhutan is not permissible, through this initiative, we help the monastery in generating necessary revenue for sustaining the monks in the monastery and at the same time educate interested individuals.