Travelling Kits

Due to the wide range of temperature and climatic conditions it is advisable to dress in layers. So bring with you a couple of warm clothes and comfortable shoes to go with the weather, the terrain and the program. Others that you could consider bringing with you would be a pair of Sunglasses/spare glasses, knife, sun cream, sun burn relief cream, lip salve, soluble aspirin  and a hat; antiseptic cream, anti-histamine cream, anti-diarrhoea pills, altitude & car sickness medicine and any medication you take regularly, or might need to take for a periodically recurring condition, such as asthma; insect repellent, hand cream, small sewing kit & safety pins,  torch or flash light (w/spare batteries),  mirror, scissors, umbrella, camera, films and accessories (including spare camera batteries)etc.


You will be offending people if you walk around in skimpy or tight fitting clothes. Shorts are not welcomed and women are advised to wear below the knee skirts or fairly loose trousers. Do not wear sleeveless T shirts (singlets, vests) as outer garments. We expect visitors to dress modestly and respectfully especially if you are planning a visit to the monasteries, Dzongs and other religious institutions. Shoulders must also be covered when inside religious buildings. Please keep in mind that shoes must be removed when entering temples. It is, therefore, suggested that you carry a pair of socks to wear inside religious buildings.  As a mark of respect, be kind enough to remove your hats, caps etc. as you enter religious and administrative premises, institutions and in any other place that you come across with the national flag being raised. It would be prudent to bring all essential items from home; razor blades (or battery operated shaver), toothpaste, shampoo, make-up etc., soap, alarm clock, binoculars, sufficient reading material and plenty of batteries for all electrical appliances. Laundry service is available in most of the hotels at main destinations. However, it is advisable to check the hotel’s individual laundry return policy and pricing schedule before choosing to have laundry done at a hotel.


Tourists are advice to bring comfortable sport shoes for light hikes & sightseeing, and semi formal shoes for dinners/appointments/functions