Restaurants serving traditional Bhutanese cuisine tempered to Western tastes can be found in all of the hotels. Many of the hotel chefs have been trained and know how to prepare food .Meals are usually served in buffet style.

Bhutanese delicacies are rich with spicy chillies and cheese. Visitors can also choose among the various vegetarian and non-veg food. You can also try out momos, the Tibetan dumplings and for those daring; you may try out the ema datshi dish served with cheese and chili and other typical Bhutanese dishes. All tourist hotels have good selection of international and Bhutanese beverages.
For trekking groups, our own trained cooks will prepare dishes suitable to western taste in the above range, and every effort will be made to accommodate the individual dietary preferences of our clients. Please give some advance notice of any special dietary requirements so that we can make appropriate arrangements when the catering team assembles provisions.